A Quick Update from Pastor Neil about Acts

A Quick Update from Pastor Neil about Acts


The Gospel of Luke is about the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Book of Acts, which is Luke’s volume 2, continues the story of what the risen and ascended Christ continues to do by being present in and through His church, His baptized people.

Read about five chapters per week (suggested schedule below – it’s okay if you don’t follow these dates exactly, but this could help you).

__ Thu, April 23     -Acts 1
__ Fri, April 24       -Acts 2
__ Sat, April 25      -Acts 3

__ Mon, April 27   -Acts 4
__ Tue, April 28     -Acts 5
__ Wed, April 29   -Acts 6
__ Thu, April 30     -Acts 7
__ Fri, May 1          -Acts 8

__ Mon, May 4      -Acts 9
__ Tue, May 5      -Acts 10
__ Wed, May 6    -Acts 11
__ Thu, May 7      -Acts 12
__ Fri, May 8        -Acts 13

__ Mon, May 11     -Acts 14
__ Tue, May 12       -Acts 15
__ Wed, May 13     -Acts 16
__ Thu, May 14       -Acts 17
__ Fri, May 15         -Acts 18

__ Mon, May 18     -Acts 19
__ Tue, May 19       -Acts 20
__ Wed, May 20     -Acts 21
__ Thu, May 21       -Acts 22
__ Fri, May 22         -Acts 23

__ Mon, May 25     -Acts 24
__ Tue, May 26       -Acts 25
__ Wed, May 27     -Acts 26
__ Thu, May 28       -Acts 27
__ Fri, May 29         -Acts 28

Here’s a good suggestion for disciplining yourself to read the Bible: do your reading in the morning before you look at your phone. Bible before phone. –It’s surprisingly challenging to leave that phone alone, but effective in getting us to focus on God.

As you read Acts, think: “We today are also on mission with the risen Jesus, and I have also been given the Holy Spirit. What is Jesus doing around me? Who does He want me to notice and to help today?”

So as not to lose the big picture while reading Acts, you will find it helpful to go online to The Bible Project on YouTube and see the four short videos they have about this book. (More information below.)

As an aid to help you read the Book of Acts, we recommend the videos from the Bible Project. They are very easy to find if you just type “The Bible Project” into YouTube. Additionally, they have their own website, which you will find linked below. We encourage you to watch these as you read the book of Acts. The first two videos are below.