Our Sunday School Program

Sunday School in a time of Covid.

Our prayers are with you during these difficult times. We know it is tough out there. We want to do what we can to offer God’s love and peace during this pandemic.

Sunday School

We feel good about the Sunday school program beginning soon and think the children will love it. However, we know there are a wide range of needs out there and have done what we can with the people we have available.
It will begin on Sunday October 4th at the 10:30 am service.
There will be temperature checks and protocols in place to keep everyone safe and masks will be required.

For kids preschool (age 3) through grade two we have in person Sunday school and you drop your child off at the beginning of the service and pick them up at the end. The children will not be in the church service for now. We also offer SJkids Sunday school hour online for parents who want to teach their kids at home.
Find it here: https://stjlc.com/sunday-school-worship-archives/sunday-school-worship/

For kids grade three to five we offer in person Sunday school and a zoom class option. Both will be studying a new curriculum that we feel excited about. The kids will really know their Bible well if they do either option. Again, for in person class, the kids will be dropped off at the door and picked up after the service and will not be in the sanctuary. For zoom, just let us know and your child will get a link invitation.

Please fill this out to confirm your child for Sunday school:


For babies and infants. The nursery room will be available and the live stream service (hopefully) will be on in there. However, you will have to stay with your child but having the live stream will help you feel connected and let you know when communion is starting etc.

Important reminder.
– Please register online to reserve your seat in church on the weeks you are coming. It can be done on the app or the website and is very easy to do.
Head to the main page of our website, stjlc.com and click on “Worship Reservations.”

Any questions, please call Carol Mittelstaedt at 631 621-5072.