St. James Lutheran Church

St. James Lutheran Church

Changing Lives with the Love of God to the Glory of God!
Online Worship for March 19th, 2023
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Week 4 Lenten Bible Study and Answer Key
Please click the download button below to access Week 4 of the Lenten Bible Study Week-FourDownload Answer Key Week-4-Answer-KeyDownload
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Week 3 Lenten Bible Study and Answer Key
Please click the download button below to access Week 3 of the Lenten Bible Study Week-ThreeDownload Answer Key Week-3-Answer-KeyDownload
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2023 Holy Week Schedule
2023 Holy WeekWorship & Events Schedule Palm Sunday – April 2Saturday, April 1: 5:30 p.m.Sunday, April 2: 8:30 a.m. &...
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WEEK 2 Lenten Bible Study and Answer Key
Week 2 Video size is too large to share. It may be found at this website. Episode 2 Please...
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About Us


Saturday: 5:30pm

Sunday: 8:30am

Sunday: 10:00am

Sunday School: 10:00am

 Getting to Know Us

We know that life is hectic; people seem increasingly disconnected from each other and from God. It takes a toll. We know -we experience the same pressures. But at St. James we have found that Jesus and His Church are providing us with a different experience.

Something from the Holy Spirit is going on here. We don’t feel more than 90 years old (which we are as a congregation), we feel new: new friendships, new life in Christ, living out the ancient faith, but in fresh ways.

We’re people joyfully gathered around Jesus, and He’s alive! We are couples, we are singles, we are little kids, we are students, we are mid-career, we are retired, but in Christ we’re all being renewed.

We are active in serving and giving to our town and to Long Island through the love of Christ.

We welcome all races and ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds and faiths –both religious and irreligious. God loves you and so do we.

We believe the gospel of Christ is relevant to every person in every situation and we want to help you discover Him with us.

We are “the church with the red doors.”  Our doors are always open for YOU!

What to Expect
Our worship services are nearly always upbeat and about 70 minutes long.
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We are a nurturing community of teachers and staff, parents and children — an extended family committed to creating a safe, fun and meaningful early childhood experience.
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Our youth program is all about relationships.... the relationships between youth, between youth and leaders, and most importantly between youth and God.
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The St. James Lutheran Church family is actively involved in our Long Island community.
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