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We know that choosing the right preschool is a decision that doesn’t come lightly.  So many factors play into your decision; environment of the preschool, cleanliness and teacher knowledge of early childhood, just to name a few.  Here at St. James Lutheran Preschool, you are entrusting your precious child to the guiding hands of our staff.

Feel free to call us and arrange a visit to St. James Lutheran Preschool, to see our classrooms, get the ‘feel’ of the preschool, share with the teachers and have your child experience playtime in our large spacious classrooms.

The Preschool is a ministry of St. James Lutheran Church, founded in 1969.  It reflects a Christian
orientation to life, faith and values.  Today, the program serves over 120 families for 2, 3 and 4 year old children.

The Preschool has a very experienced group of teachers on staff;  collectively our staff has over 95 years of early childhood experience. The staff are people of good Christian character who love and enjoy children, who have patience with them and who use gentle but consistent discipline.  They work to help each child grow to his or her full potential and truly appreciate him or her as an individual with his or her own particular attributes.