Author: <span>Tom Baxley</span>

Confirmation Details

THEME EVENTS: Two Sundays (check the schedule closely) each month during the school year we will hold theme events in the Parish Hall of the Church. These Theme events include music, stories, skits, projected video …

There Is Always Hope

The situation you’re in is bad. There’s no way out –that’s how you feel. And there are troubling questions, which are not new to you. The questions are mostly hanging around the edges of your …


Service Times Saturday:  5:30pm Sunday:  8:30am Sunday:  10:30 Sunday School:  10:00am (begins in Sanctuary)

Prayer Request

We would be honored to partner with you in prayer. God wants us to help bear one another’s burdens and going to the throne of God on your behalf is humbling for our prayer partners. …


We are a nurturing community of teachers and staff, parents and children — an extended family committed to creating a safe, fun and meaningful early childhood experience.


Our youth program is all about relationships…. the relationships between youth, between youth and leaders, and most importantly between youth and God.