Our Sunday School Program

Sunday School


If you have kids ranging in age from preschool through 6th grade, we have the PERFECT Sunday School program for you!

Our Sunday School is great!  It is staffed by a group of dedicated teachers and assistants!  Not only do the kids learn about God through lessons, projects and music, they also get to attend a large part of our Sunday morning worship service with their parents, teachers and classmates!

The children begin their Sunday School class  in the church, with a special opening just for them.   At sermon time, the kids will go down to their classrooms and have their lessons. 

Once a month we will have a “HOME and CHURCH” Sunday. On those Sunday’s the kids will have an opening message, see a puppet show and then have a message given by Carol Mittelstaedt , Director of Young Family Ministries and Ryan Howard, Director of  Christian Education.  Puppet Shows and Messages will usually be available on Youtube(stjlc media) and Facebook if you miss that Sunday. The kids will remain in the church for the entire service.

Parents will pick up their kids in the SJ CafĂ© after Service where they can enjoy refreshments and meet other families. 

Special pageants are held at Easter and Christmas.

NEW: Sunday School registration is available for all children aged three and up. Please contact us at:


 to register your child to register your or for information about our Sunday School.