Sunday School Worship – May 24th, 2020

Family Worship Time for Sunday May 24th

Opening Prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank you for coming down to earth to teach us about your love.
Help us to learn from you now. Amen

Kids Message: The Ascension

Talk about these questions:

  1. How many days were there from Easter Sunday to Jesus going up to heaven?
  2. What did Jesus ask his disciples to do before he left?
  3. Why do you think Jesus did not stay on earth with his friends?
  4. Who was their new helper going to be?

Kids Song: We Want to See Jesus Lifted High

Fun Ascension Day Craft!

Closing Prayer:

Dear Jesus, Thank you for showing us how to love people. Help us to share
that love with those we know and meet. Please help me to tell my family and
friends about how great you are. Help them to believe in you too. Amen

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