Sunday School Worship – May 10th, 2020

Family Worship Time for Sunday May 10th

Opening Prayer:

Dear Jesus, We love you and want to hear from you now. Help us to learn from the Bible together as a family. Thank you for being with us and guiding us. Amen

Kids Message: Mothers, Houses, and Heaven!

Kids Song: Come Go with Me to That Land

Talk about these questions:

  1. What do you like best about the earth? How could that be even better in heaven?
  2. Who would you most like to meet in heaven?
  3. If you could build your heavenly home, what would it look like? Describe it.


As a family, together draw a picture of your perfect heavenly house.
(Or make a card for your Mom if you didn’t already.)

Closing Prayer:

Dear God, thank you for giving me my Mom. I am so grateful for all she does for me. Please bless her today. Thank you too for my heavenly home. I am so glad you look after me here on earth and in heaven. You are awesome. Amen

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