Sunday School Worship Palm Sunday

Family Worship Time for Palm Sunday April 5th

Open with a prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus,
We thank you for your Word that teaches and encourages us. Please help us to worship you, hear you and respond to you this day.

Please watch this video together.

Talk about these questions:

1. How did Jesus know where the donkey was? Did he have special powers?

2. Would you be willing to obey Jesus if he asked you to do something for him? What kind of things might he ask you to do?

3. Why did the people of Jerusalem wave palm branches and cheer for Jesus? Why would you want to cheer for Jesus?

Why not tell him now in a prayer?

Dear Jesus,
I love you and praise you because ……………(fill in your answer). 
Thank you for loving me and promising to be with me always. Please surround my family with your comforting and protecting arms. Help me to love you and others this week.

Palm Sunday Liturgy

Gather together and make sure each family member has a palm branch. Hold them in your hands and raise them up high, as though lifting them up before the King. The head of the household should read the L part, and everyone else can read the C part together. 

L: O God, who through your prophets foretold our King’s coming in humility: we give you thanks for fulfilling Your Word. We pray that You would bless these palms to remind us of the day He entered Jerusalem and was acclaimed Son of David and King of Kings by those who laid palm branches before him. 

C: Bless us who bear them now, and grant that we also may hail Him as our King; through Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Let’s wave our palms and sing along with this song together.

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