SJ Kids Sunday School Hour – November 29th

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Family Worship Time for Sunday November 29th

Pray together:

Dear Jesus, thank you for this time together with my family to talk about you.
Please help us to learn more about you from the Bible. Amen

Moses and the Burning Bush

Scripture Reference: Exodus 3:1-15
Focus: God knows me.

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Every one of you has a name. Most of us have two or three names that we put together to make up our whole name—a first, a middle, and a last name. Who decided what your full name would be? Names are important. They help us know whom we are talking to, and if the person is not there, they help us know whom we are talking about.
In our Bible story today, God called Moses by his name.

Questions to talk about.
What do you think Moses was thinking when he heard a burning bush call him by name? How do you think Moses felt once he knew that it was God talking to him through the burning bush?
God knew Moses’ name and God also knew that Moses would be a good leader, even when Moses didn’t think he would be. God made Moses, just like God made you and me. When you make something, you know it very well.
How does it make you feel to know that God knows your name and everything about you?
It is good news that God knows us so well, just like God knew Moses, and God loves us!

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Dear God, It is amazing that you care to know everything about each one of us. It is amazing that you love us so much. Thank you for knowing and loving each one of us. May we come to know and love you more and more. Amen

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