SJ Kids Sunday School Hour – November 15th

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Family Worship Time for Sunday November 8th

Pray together:

Dear Jesus, thank you for this time together with my family to talk about you.
Please help us to learn more about you from the Bible. Amen

Joseph and Pharaoh

Scripture Reference: Genesis 39:20—41:57; 45:1-15, 50:15-21
Workshop Focus: With every step we take, God is walking with us.

Watch: SJ Kids Sunday School Hour!

Today we are going to explore the rest of Joseph’s story. Can you remember what happened to Joseph at the end of the story last time? Joseph is really in trouble now. He has to go live in Egypt as a slave. But every step of his life, God is walking with him

Questions to talk about.
Do you think Joseph always believed that God would rescue him?
Joseph doubted sometimes, too. What do you think he did when he began to doubt?
How did Joseph get out of jail?
What job did Pharaoh give Joseph?

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Dear God, you always walked beside Joseph even when things were bad. You are always with me and I thank you for being close beside when I have hard days. Amen

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