SJ Kids Sunday School Hour – February 28th 2021

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Family Worship Time for Sunday, February 28th 2021

Pray together:

Dear Jesus, help me to read my Bible more and help me pray to you every day.
I love you and I know you love me.

Being Challenge: Week 3 – Study Scripture

Watch: SJ Kids Sunday School Hour!

Bible Story
Look in your kids Bible and read the story of the boy Jesus at the temple. It is found in Luke 2:41-52. Craft:

Using the Family tree picture, write the names of your family members in the circles. You can also add in the names of other people in your life that help you grow in your Bible knowledge, bring you to church or tell you about God.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for my family who teach me about Jesus. Help me to grow in my faith as I learn to follow you and live my life with you at the center. Thank you for the Bible and help me to read it every day I can. Amen

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