SJ Kids Sunday School Hour – March 21st, 2021

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Family Worship Time for Sunday, March 21st, 2021

Pray together:

Dear Jesus, help me to read my Bible more and help me pray to you every day.
I love you and I know you love me.

Being Challenge: Week 6 – Church

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Have your kid (s) engage in certain activities while not being able to use a part of their body.
Progressively take another thing away. The idea is that in the end, they would not be able to
get across the room.
• Have kids race across the room while only using one foot (they can hop on one
• Then no feet (they can crawl)
• Then without one hand (crawl with knees and one hand)
• Then without any hands (walk across on knees)
• Then without using their eyes (some may go across with eyes closed and on knees)
• Then without knees. (some may scoot on their stomach, eyes closed and no hands)
• Then take away all legs (they may be able to roll sideways)
• Then take away the trunk (no hips/stomach) (they are stuck)

Moving across the room is a lot harder without certain parts of the body! I want you to realize
how important each person is to the church. We might still be able to figure out how to get
across the room without arms and legs but other things like climbing a tree, painting a
picture, or building a block tower would be impossible. When we go to church we hear the
good news about how important we are to one another: and it charges us back up! We can
charge at church!
Paul talks about the body of Christ, the church, in 1 Corinthians 12. He compares the body of
Christ to a human body. He says “A foot wouldn’t say, “hey! I am not a hand! I’m at the
bottom of the body and always in the dirt. I can’t hold anything. That makes me useless!” The
foot plays a very important role. The body couldn’t move without the foot.

Dear God, thank you for my church. Thank you for a place where I can learn more about you. Thank you for my pastor and teachers. Help me to use my gifts and talents to serve others at church. Amen

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